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Drive In QNN - Senior Night

What is it?

First off, the QNN stands for the QuaranTEEN News Network. We have been airing a new episode of the QNN every Wednesday in lieu of our Wednesday night student services. Starting on June 3, we are not only showing the weekly episode on YouTube, we will be offering a 'Drive In QNN' option at our North Campus for those who would like to participate. We will have a movie screen, a stage, the ability for you to tune in on your radio, live segment as well as video segments and anything else that we can think of to make this a fun and engaging night. We wanted to take this a step further and make our first Drive In QNN all about our graduating seniors (Hence the name Drive In QNN - Senior Night). This will be our seniors last student event as a student so we wanted to make it special for them.

Who is invited?

This is for students between 6-12th grade. This is a 'global' student event meaning that both the North and West campus are invited. We also welcome families to participate together! We understand that with the travel and age of our audience, families coming together could make it easier for our students to come and be a part. 

What is the schedule?
6:15-7:00     Grad Grill Out (seniors and their families only)
7:00-8:00     Parking Lot Opens (claim your spot)
8:00-8:45     QNN Premier
8:45-9:00     Redemption Students Senior Graduation
9:00              Dissmiss
Do I need to register? 

There is no registration required unless you are a senior planning to participate in the festivities. If so, please register at

Can I drop my student off?

We are allowing drop offs but no earlier than 7:00p and parent pick will be no later than 9:00p. Don't forget to bring your own lawn chair

Is it safe? 

Our students' safety is of utmost importance to us. We will be following all of the safety guidelines given by our state and CDC. To ensure your safety here are the rules that we have in place (again these are subject to change based off of current circumstances).

  • This is an outdoor event.
  • We encourage all vulnerable populations to stay home and tune in via YouTube.
  • We encourage you to stay home if you are sick or have recently had a close contact with a person with COID-19, have tested positive for or are showing COVID-19 symptoms or if you have recently had close contact with a person with COVID-19.
  • We will have a parking team ensuring cars are appropriately parked and spaced out (one space between every car). 
  • We are encouraging students/families to bring their own lawn chair or if possible to remain in their vehicle and tune in via the provided FM radio station. We will not be providing any sort of seating. 
  • Students who opt to sit in their own lawn chair will only be allowed to do so in the designated areas which will be the empty spaces between parked cars as well as a reserved, marked off area reserved for students who have been dropped off by their parent. 
  • Our building and facilities will be limited for restroom use only. There will be a team of people monitoring building traffic flow, cleanliness and proper sanitation measures are being taken. 
  • We will be mandating social distancing and requiring all volunteers involved with concessions to wear gloves and face masks. While we encourage cloth facemarks for our students, we are not requiring our students to wear masks. 
  • We will have several hand sanitizer dispensers stationed throughout the venue. 
Will there be food? 

While there will be no dinner, there will be a concessions stand monitored by our volunteers equipped with gloves and face masks. While popcorn, canned drinks and bottled water will be free, everything else will be priced so feel free to bring a few bucks! 

What if I can't make it, can I still watch the QNN on YouTube? 

Yes! We understand that not everyone can make it and even some will decide to opt out. Therefore, we will be broadcasting the QNN via YouTube like all the weeks before. The only difference is that it will not air until 8:00p (CST).

Anything else?

If you are a senior, would love for you to decorate your car 'Class of 2020' style. Have fun with it! This will let us know where you are.

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